Amazon NVIDIA Quiz Answers: Win Rs 10,000

Amazon NVIDIA Quiz Answers: Win Rs 10,000

Q1) NVIDIA MAX-Q Laptops are __________?

Ans – a. Thin, Light & Quiet Laptops with best perf and battery life.

Q2. What architecture are current generation(3xxx series) of Notebook NVIDIA RTX GPUs called?

Ans – NVIDIA Ampere

Q3) This feature present on GeForce GTX/RTX based Laptops help improve your In Game response time and More wins?

Ans – NVIDIA Reflex

Q4) NVIDIA DLSS – Deep learning Super Sampling makes use of _______ technology?

Ans – Artificial Intelligence

Q5) This hardware feature present in GeForce GTX / RTX GPU lets Game and stream at the same time without loss in FPS performance?

Ans – NVENC (NVIDIA Encoder/Decoder)

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