Amazon Pampers Quiz Answers – Win Rewards

Amazon Pampers Quiz Answers – Win Rewards, how to play amazon Amazon Pampers Quiz Answers and winning rewards now.

Q1) Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants are

Ans – India’s 1st Mosquito Guard Diapers

Q2) Which of the following is true for Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants?

Ans – All of the above

Q3) Choose the INCORRECT statement about Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants

Ans – It doesn’t work when the baby’s clothers are on

Q4) Which of the following is present inside Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants to help drive away mosquitoes?

Ans – All of the above

Q5) Pampers Mosquito Guard Pants is NOT available in which of the following sizes?

Ans – Newborn

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