Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Subscription Plan Launched for Rs.599

Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Subscription Plan Launched for Rs.599. Amazon has launched its Prime Video streaming platform’s cheapest plan in India. The plan costs Rs 500 per year and can only be used on a mobile phone. Here is everything you need to know.

Be it Mirzapur or the Family Man, the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform offers some of the best TV shows. But it has not been affordable for everyone yet, right? Well well, we have some good news for you. Amazon Prime now has a new, Prime Video Mobile Edition plan that lets you enjoy your favorite shows and movies for just Rs 599 per year. This means that the Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition is the lowest-priced plan from the streaming platform as of now. 

Seeing how viewers are disappointed in Netflix and its ways to ask for more money, viewers have been slightly less interested in consuming content on Netflix. Thus, Amazon Prime might be the best TV show and movie streaming service right now in India. And with the introduction of its new mobile-only plan, Amazon Prime Video’s price has gone down too. Let’s learn more about this service from Amazon Prime in this article.

What is Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Subscription Plan?

The Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Subscription is nothing but an affordable plan for the masses that can’t afford the service otherwise. India is a big market and its population consumes most of its content on mobile phones only; Amazon understood this fast enough to roll out the Prime Video mobile edition plan.

Launched on Monday, this subscription enables users to watch all Amazon Prime Video shows and movies for a much lesser cost. For just Rs 599, you get access to all the content that others pay thousands of rupees for. But there have to be some kind of limitations to it, right? Yup, so why don’t we talk about them first?

Watch Content on Your iPhone or Android Phone with Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition

The Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Subscription plan is accessible for mobile users only and cannot be used on any other devices. So if you need to get the Amazon Prime Video mobile edition, you just need to download the

Later, you can subscribe to the mobile-only plan within the mobile app itself. Also, you may directly visit Amazon Prime Video’s official website to directly purchase the Prime Video Mobile Edition Plan. Yup, you will not be able to watch your preferred TV shows and movies on your TV or other big screens, but the price tag of Rs 599/year is decent enough, isn’t it?

Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Plan: Watch Content in Standard Definition (SD)

This particular drawback might hit a bit hard to the viewers. With the mobile edition plan of Amazon Prime, you can watch content on standard definition quality only. So as much as I hate to break it to you, HD content won’t be an option for mobile-only plan users. Though, SD content is not so bad considering the price and the small-sized displays that we have on our mobile phones, right?

Here is how Amazon Prime Describes its Mobile Edition Subscription Plan

Prime Video Mobile Edition is a single-device, mobile-only plan that is only available in selected countries through external partners and in India directly from Amazon.

Customers with a subscription to Prime Video Mobile Edition can only stream Prime Video content in standard definition, using the Prime Video app on Android or iOS.

Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Plan Price

The Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Subscription plan costs Rs 599/year. For this price, you get access to all the content on the video streaming platform in SD quality. The plan is quite affordable and the price seems reasonable too, doesn’t it? So it would be much better if we will share the plan with our friends, right? Hold your horses right there! The Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition plan can only be used on a single smartphone and cannot be shared among multiple devices. Yeah, this is a letdown for many.

Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Plan for Airtel Users

Airtel users were the only ones who have been enjoying this plan for 1 year. The ISP, along with Amazon Prime, rolled out a select few prepaid plans that offered some data and calling benefits accompanied by the Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Plan. Fortunately, this plan is now available for all users without any limitations whatsoever.

Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Available in India, Latin America & South East Asia

Here is what the Vice President of Amazon Prime Video, Kelly Day said during the launch event:

“India is one of our fastest growing and most engaged locales worldwide. Our success in the country can be attributed to innovations that are focused on creating an exceptional entertainment experience for customers. In fact, India is turning into an innovation hub for Prime Video”.

She further stated “An initiative like Prime Video Mobile Edition, that had its genesis in India, is now being rolled out across multiple countries in Latin America and South East Asia. We are confident that the new Prime Video Mobile Edition annual plan will further help accelerate the growth of our India business and give an even larger customer base access to the high-quality content on the service. With this launch, we look forward to entertaining every Indian with our popular on-demand entertainment content and live sports”.

This is everything that you need to know about the Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition Plan. Considering its price, features, and some limitations, the mobile edition of Amazon Prime Video is a decent deal if you ask me. It offers enough content for you to enjoy your entire year and for those who have always watched movies and shows on their mobile phones only, this plan might be a very good deal.

Let us know what you think about this latest Amazon Prime subscription plan. Would you buy it or not, and why? 

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