Binance Lido Quiz Answers: Learn And Earn LDO Tokens

Binance Lido Quiz Answers: Learn And Earn LDO Tokens – Binance Lido Quiz Answers , Binance Lido Quiz Answers, Binance LDO Quiz Answers , Quiz Answers.

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Binance Lido Quiz Answers

Q1) What problem is Lido trying to solve in PoS staking?

Answer: All are correct

Q2) What do users receive after staking their tokens on Lido?

Answer: Assets that represent their staked tokens on a 1:1 basis, e.g., stake ETH and get stETH tokens

Q3) Where do users deposit their PoS token on Lido?

Answer: The Lido staking pool smart contract

Q4) What can holders do with LDO?

Answer: Vote on decisions in the Lido DAO

Q5) Why does Lido operate as a DAO?

Answer: All are correct

Q6) What can users do with their stETH tokens?

Answer: All are correct

Q7) What is the name of the utility token on Lido?

Answer: LDO

Q8) In addition to Ethereum, which PoS blockchain does Lido support?

Answer: Polkadot

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